Folgende Einladung zum europaweiten Science on Stage-Projekt „Coding in Science Teaching“ gebe ich sehr gerne weiter. Anmeldefrist ist der 31. Mai 2017!


Dear teachers,

We are happy to announce the next European project to develop teaching materials from teachers for teachers. The topic will be „Coding in Science Teaching“. The aim is to collect and develop best practice ideas on how coding can be realised in science teaching.

For this project we are looking for teacher teams (2 teachers per team from the same school or schools located close to each other). At least one of the teachers needs to have good programming skills and should have some experience with platforms such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

The first project meeting will take place from 20/21-22 October 2017 in Dortmund, Germany and the duration of the whole project will be roughly 1.5 years.

We kindly ask you to forward this information and the attached application form to teachers in your network. The deadline for the application is 31 May 2017

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you and best wishes,



Daniela Neumann
Science on Stage Deutschland e.V.
Poststr. 4/5 – 10178 Berlin
Tel.: 0049 (0)30 400067-40 – Fax: 0049 (0)30 400067-35 I I

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